Superflex Titan Elastomeric Paint



Tape Measure

Measure the area to be painted to be able to get a rough estimate of how much paint you need to buy.


Newspapers, old tarpaulins, cloth or plastic used to protect furniture or areas from paint.

Painters Tape / Masking Tape

Used to protect edges from paint and to hold covers. Also used when painting straight lines.


Used to smoothen uneven surfaces and to provide paint with film anchorage.


Used to remove loose paint.

Paint tray

Used to hold paint during paint jobs. Also used to even distribution of paint when using rollers.

Paint brushes / Rollers

Use quality brush / rollers that would suit your needs.

Ladders or Extension Poles

Essential when painting walls, ceilings and other high areas.

Rags and water source

For cleaning of tools and equipment after use.


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